Today marks World Nurses Day, in celebration of this Local Care Force, the preferred supplier of temporary and permanent staffing solutions for many large private, public and charitable organisations throughout Manchester, has announced its inaugural search for winner of the ‘Samuel Rutsito Health Care Hero Award’. The awards will recognise a stand out health care worker from each office that has gone the extra mile in their role over the past 12 months.

We’re huge advocates of recognising the hard work that health care professionals go to here at Manchester Social 101!

We were especially interested to hear about the award’s namesake; Samuel Rutsito, who has worked tirelessly in health care roles at care homes, mental health units, patients homes and children’s hospitals for over 13 years. Coming to the UK from Zimbabwe in 2002 he was faced with many challenges, including cultural differences as he began his career as a support worker. As a result of his experiences Samuel worked incredibly hard to make a difference to the sector; a testament to this is his wonderful success story.

As one of the co-founders of Yorkshire’s biggest care recruitment agency Local Care Force, which also has a booming office in Manchester, Samuel has consistently gone over and above to provide a healthcare professional services agency that provides its candidates and clients with a friendly, approachable and supportive working environment.

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Samuel said: “Having worked in the UK’s healthcare industry for nearly 15 years, I have been exposed to varying levels of work satisfaction. I wanted to create an environment where the workforce felt valued and most importantly enjoyed the role that they have to play in health care. I look forward to reviewing all the entries for the prospective inaugural ‘Health Care Hero Award’ that will no doubt highlight the lengths that these dedicated workers go to.

“In a time when many care workers in the NHS are standing up for their rights and striving for the recognition for the amazing work that they undertake, Local Care Force wants to show its loyal workforce how thankful they are for all that they do.”

Local Care Force is calling on its employees to nominate a candidate to receive the award for 2016. The winner of the first award of this kind will be announced on 15th June 2016 and will win the inaugural trophy and all-expenses paid spa day.

In addition to celebrating World Nurses Day by announcing the award, Local Care Force invited its employees from Manchester  to celebrate its first birthday. Guests wore traditional dress from their country of origin and were treated to a party with a DJ playing world music refreshments and snacks. Sure sounds like it was a great party!

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Local Care Force was established in 2004 and now has offices in Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield. For more information about Local Care Force, check out

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