The story of our wonderful life is all but a journey which nobody could ever imagine the possibilities of the destination.

While some travel through unperturbed and some on a wave of never ending adventure… others unfortunately don’t get the chance to live through either prospect.

Increasingly the world seems as though it’s becoming a darker and more evil place to reside – or has it always been this way?

With recent torturous and high profile beheadings from ISIS, bombings and war in the other side of the world, it’s hard to imagine the pain and suffering – you can only form illusions and pictures in your head from media portrayals and images.

But when such tragedy falls on your own doorstep – it’s then when the reality suddenly hits you.

Then and only then do you face the unimaginable facts that actually… bad things do happen, terrible events occur, and within a matter of minutes can life as you knew it change forever.

Therefore when the news of 25-year-old Luke Rhoden dying in Ibiza just days ago hit the press, it was though a bubble had formed around my existance and suddenly shattered into a thousand molecules.

Having known him throughout childhood I started to recollect all of the memories from the cheeky chappy from Wigan who was always so kind-hearted and had nothing but good words to say to instantly put a smile on your face.

But then details of his death unfolded and it was then I began to feel outraged.

At first the nationals reported of him falling from a balcony at Ibiza Rocks while acting absurdly and having to be restrained by police before dying in the ambulance.

Sounds legit right? Especially as it was backed up by a statement from the Guardia Civil which said: “He was a guest at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

“We were called at 10.30 when he jumped from a first-floor room and landed on a patio below.

“Our officers restrained him and put him in an ambulance but he died in the ambulance before it left the area of the hotel.

“The autopsy will establish the cause of death and whether drink and drugs were involved.”

Then why are there so many protests from witnesses via social media networks stating he was allegedy beaten to death by police? Something isn’t adding up.

Accounts from people in Ibiza at the time are circulating fast over the internet.

One statement claiming: “Last night I witnessed the most disturbing thing in my life. DON’T believe what you read in the papers about the poor, young lad who died outside of Ibiza Rocks.

“I saw it with my own eyes. He had his hands and feet tied up by the Guardia while he was still alive, then literally beat him to death.

“Sorry it’s so brutal putting this on here but it needs to be known what actually happened. It’s disgusting.”

Another from a man who works at the resort said: “There were people videoing it and all sorts, it will get out soon enough.

“The struggle wasn’t while they were trying to restrain him and get him into an ambulance, the ambulance arrived about 20 minutes after they had finished beating him up and had him on the floor.

“In fact they didn’t have a chance to get him in the ambulance before they were performing CPR on the pavement.”

Nobody will ever know the real truth of what happened on the day except close onlookers, the police and unfortunately a hero, a son and a boyfriend who is no longer here to tell his story.

Hopefully facts and evidence will emerge from the day and Luke’s family and friends can have some form of comfort that he didn’t die in vein.

Justice for Luke Rhoden.

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