FIRST it was marmite now it’s mustard! Savoury cocktails are all the rage this summer and if for a tipple with a twist head to Manchester’s two-day festival of meat, music and mayhem.

Manchester Social 101 is offering a lucky reader to bag a pair of tickets for Grillstock Manchester on June 28 and 29 at Albert Square where Frank’s RedHot® and French’s will be serving a range of unbelievable concoctions created by a world class mixologist.

This June, Frank’s RedHot® and French’s will be serving three Bulleit Bourbon Grillstock cocktails – Apple Mustard Sour (a fruity cocktail with a French’s mustard hint), Bloody Bulleit (twist on a Bloody Mary with a full-bodied cayenne pepper kick and hint of garlic) and the Red Hot Rodeo (a fiery yet refreshing mix of watermelon and Frank’s RedHot®). Whichever one you opt for we guarantee it’s going to play havoc with your taste buds.

The creations, which all include Bulleit Bourbon, are the brain child of Andrea Montague, Diageo Whisky Ambassador for the UK, and will only be available from the Frank’s RedHot® bar (located next to the Bucking Buffalo!).

Andrea said: “It’s not about food ‘or’ drink anymore, it’s about collaborating. More chefs are using spirits in their cooking, and in turn, mixologists are experimenting with all sorts of foodie ingredients in their cocktails to achieve some very unique flavours.

“Take the Apple and French’s Mustard Sour, for example. By mixing together apple, mustard and bourbon you get a complimentary flavour that brings out the spice of the bourbon and the sweetness of the mustard.

“I guarantee people will be surprised how well Frank’s RedHot® and watermelon go together. Watermelon and peppers have the same make–up and the sweet peppery notes combined with refreshing watermelon go amazingly with bourbon.”

To win simply comment on this post with why you think you deserve to win. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday June 21.

To make French’s and Frank’s cocktails at home, simply stir the ingredients together or shake in a cocktail shaker.

APPLE MUSTARD SOUR  – makes one cocktail
50 ml Bulleit Bourbon
20ml fresh lemon juice
10ml sugar syrup
5ml French’s Mustard
100ml Apple Juice
15ml Pineapple Juice


BLOODY BULLEIT – makes one cocktail
50 ml Bulleit Bourbon
15ml fresh lemon juice

125ml Tomato Juice
3ml Frank’s Hot Sauce

7ml Worcester sauce
Salt & Pepper

bloody bulleit


RED HOT RODEO – makes one cocktail
40 ml Bulleit Bourbon

110ml Watermelon Juice
50ml Apple Juice
5ml Frank’s Hot Sauce

Black pepper

red hot rodeo

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